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Helping You Give Your BEST

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Give your best

How to Support a Nursing Parent.

Parents need a lot of support to make nursing a success, including respecting goals, helping meet them, and celebrating when accomplished. We’re all for the same team!


Parents need your support and encouragement to reach nursing goals. Everyone has a role to play in helping parent and baby get off to a good start with nursing.

Let WIC Help You Give Your BEST

Nursing isn’t always easy, and your WIC office is here to help! WIC’s nursing experts help parents nurse successfully with classes, peer counselors, nutritionists, and designated nursing experts.

Take a Class

Taking a class before you have your baby will help you know what to expect, and how to navigate potential challenges. Ask your local WIC clinic about a nursing class, talk to your care provider, or check out our community resource database.

You will learn:

Nursing Positions
How to latch your baby
Behavior Patterns
What to expect when nursing
Benefits of Nursing

We’re Here to Help

Ask your local WIC office about getting help from a peer counselor or designated nursing expert. (Graphic link to our WIC locations)