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Give Your Best

Get Information and Support

Get information and advice from mothers who are experienced with nursing and have special training to help you nurse successfully.

Parent to Parent

When you’re pregnant or a new parent, it helps to talk to other parents who know what you’re going through. That’s the idea behind the WIC Peer Counseling program. Peer counselors can share their own experiences and provide help and advice based on current research and knowledge from experts. And it works—talking to a peer counselor during pregnancy helps parents develop the confidence and skill to nurse successfully.

What Do WIC Peer Counselors Do?

They serve as role models

Perhaps you have never seen a baby nursing or talked to another parent about nursing. WIC peer counselors have breastfed their infants and can tell you about their experiences, parent to parent.

They provide counseling

Peer counselors focus on helping you nurse successfully. They provide one-on-one support and telephone counseling. Peer counselors provide valuable nursing assistance so WIC staff can focus on other critical needs.

They provide hospital counseling where available

Peer counselors may come to the hospital to help you in your first days of nursing. They provide information about what you can expect during the first days and weeks of baby’s life. They also provide follow-up counseling on the phone or in the clinic.

They provide resources

Peer counselors are trained to help you with normal nursing. If you need special help, they may refer you to a supervisor, nurse, nutritionist, lactation consultant, designated nursing expert, or other health care professional.

They receive training

Peer counselors have more than personal experience. They take a 20-hour training course that includes nursing basics, counseling skills, and providing resources. If you have questions or concerns, they can help.

Need a WIC peer counselor?

To find your local WIC program call 1-800-942-3678.

Interested in supporting our nursing WIC parents?

Become a WIC Peer Counselor!

You must:
  • Have been or are currently a WIC client
  • Have nursed or are nursing a baby
  • Be a paraprofessional:
    WIC Peer Counselors cannot hold licenses or certifications related to lactation (such as a CLC, childbirth education, doula) or be practicing as an uncertified doula, childbirth educator, midwife, or lactation professional.
Peer Counselors receive:
  • Paid training
  • Flexible hours
  • Scheduling when you are available
  • Educational opportunities

Contact your local WIC office (link to WIC locations) to see if they are seeking peer counselors in your area.

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