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Nursing Your BEST

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NM Statewide and Local Resources by Region.

Breastfeeding Resources by Topic - CARDS
Breastfeeding Resources by Topics - VIDEO'S

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NM WIC Breastfeeding Basics PC Podcast

“Scan with your phone camera to access NM WIC Breastfeeding Basics PC Podcast, “Peer to Peer, WIC is here”. The breastfeeding podcast covers common breastfeeding questions and challenges that NM WIC families often experience. The NM WIC PC podcast uses current breastfeeding evidence-based information and practices.”

Looking for breastfeeding assistance? Check out our resources below.

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Hug Resource page for New Mexico WIC

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Information for COVID-19

Below you will find a few links for evidence based information on current recommendations and what pregnant and nursing parents can and should expect (or advocate for) during this time of crisis. 




                 Additional Resources

Birth Injury Center