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Nursing Your BEST

Learn Your Baby’s Language.

A baby can’t talk but an infant can tell you when it’s time to eat and when to stop. It’s important to know what to look for in your baby’s language.

Bring your baby to the chest when showing these early hunger cues:

  • Moving hands or fists to mouth
  • Making sucking motions
  • Lip-smacking
  • Nuzzling against or searching for your nipple
  • Tongue sticking out

CRYING is a LATE SIGN of HUNGER, and it can be hard to calm a baby who is crying to feed, or it can tire baby and use the energy needed to nurse.

Let your baby end the feeding when showing signs of fullness:

  • Releases or “falls off”
  • Turns away from the nipple or pushes away
  • Relaxes his body and opens his fists

If baby stops sucking and does not come off the breast, slide your finger to the corner of your baby’s mouth to break the seal with your breast, and take baby off. Burp your baby, then offer the other breast. Baby may nurse again right away or take the other side in a few minutes or a few hours.

Is it possible to overfeed my baby?

Babies who are nursed when they show early hunger cues usually eat the right amount for their age and weight. Moms are encouraged to nurse whenever baby shows signs of hunger. The more often mom nurses baby, the more milk mom will make.