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NM WIC Staff Spotlight

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Meet Phuong Vo, better known as “Vo.” Much like Mariah, Madonna and Cher, he only needs one name, and everyone knows who he is.

Vo is the epitome of Customer Service. He is the person you want to work with when you’re having a bad day because he always maintains a cheery, upbeat, happy and humorous persona. He takes pride in his job and is attentive to WIC participants and co-workers needs and they appreciate his positive attitude and willingness to ensure that they have a good experience in the WIC office. He is patient with participants when they come in flustered, carrying a diaper bag, car seat and apologizing profusely for running a little late. Vo has been heard saying “Not to worry, take your time and get settled, because without you I wouldn’t have a job.” He is kind, generous, thoughtful and very funny. We are lucky to have him as a member of the Southeast Heights WIC office and Metro WIC team. Vo makes coming to work fun!