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Pumping Your Best

Nursing Your BEST

Pumping Your Best

Learn about WIC breast pumps, how to find your breast pump attachment size, and other ways to express your breastmilk. 

NM WIC Pumps

NM WIC offers a variety of pumps to help parents express breast milk, from hand pumps to hospital grade pump for high risk situation. Ask a WIC staff memeber how to recieved a breastpump after baby’s birth at NO COST.

Medela pump in style breast pump with max flow
Medela Advance Personal Double Electric Pump
Medela advance Personal double electric pump

Hand Expression

Hand expression is a useful technique to use to stimulate breast milk production or relieve engorgement. Practice gentle hand expression so it is familiar when baby arrives. Don’t worry if colostrum doesn’t come out…focus on getting used to holding your breast and the motion. This way, if baby doesn’t latch right after birth, hand expression can be used to get colostrum for your baby. Make sure not to stimulate the nipple, and only practice a small amount at a time.


CDC - Hand Expression Handout (English)
CDC - Folleto de expresion de la mano - (Espanol)

Breast Shield Guide

English Video
Spanish Video

Some insurance companies will provide pumps to their pregnant and/or nursing clients. However, the type of pump each insurance company offers ranges in selection from a manual hand pump to a double electric pump to rental of a hospital-grade pump. It is important to contact the benefits coordinator at your insurance company to see if you are eligible for a pump under your insurance plan.