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NMSOL Resources for New Mexico WIC Staff

New Mexico WIC staff operate the NMSOL system Successfully so they have more Opportunities to offer Legendary service to WIC families!

New Mexico WIC processes and records are maintained within a specialized computer system (NMSOL) that is often updated to ensure the best possible performance.

This page contains information specific to NMSOL that will help NM WIC staff perform their duties with the best understanding of the system they use daily to certify participants and issue benefits for NM WIC families.

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NMSOL Scheduling Resources

What’s New in NMSOL?

There are two great ways to find the latest Enhancements, Release Notes, and Announcements!

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1. Select the Notifications Icon bell icon on the Navigation Bar.

2. Select Click Here in a Document Tile for the desired WIC Artifact. The document will open in a new tab. 

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4. Select the X in the top-right corner of the Notifications Pane to close it.   

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1. Navigate to the Help area of the Site Map.

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