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Working with the Healthcare Community 

The New Mexico WIC Program serves as an adjunct and gateway to the following coordinated health initiatives and services for New Mexico WIC families.

Our services include:

  • Supplemental food packages for women, infants, and children
  • Nursing promotion and support
  • Prenatal care referrals 
  • Immunization assessment and referrals 
  • Nutrition assessment and counseling
  • High-risk nutrition assessment and referrals 
  • Prenatal weight gain monitoring and education
  • Education about healthy eating 
  • Referrals for cessation of smoking, drugs, and alcohol use
Formula/Nutritional Supplements

New Mexico WIC promotes and supports exclusive nursing as the standard for infant feeding. However, if a mother needs to nurse partially, or cannot nurse, WIC provides help with infant formula.

NM WIC can also help women and children who need additional nutrition provided through medical formulas or nutritional supplements.

NM WIC is a supplemental food program. The amount of formula/nutritional supplement the program will provide may not be 100% of the formula/nutritional supplement needed for every participant.

Background Information

Because the various standard infant formulas are nutritionally equivalent, Federal WIC Regulations require states to contract with one manufacturer for the routine provision of iron-fortified standard milk- and soy-based infant formulas. The contract is awarded to the bidder who provides the lowest net wholesale cost.

New Mexico WIC saves approximately $11 million annually through the infant formula rebate contract. This allows NM WIC to provide healthy foods to more infants, young children, pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding women each month.

New Mexico WIC Contract (Standard) Formulas

All New Mexico WIC infants who need formula are provided a WIC contract standard formula unless an exempt or medical formula is prescribed.

The NM WIC Program does NOT provide standard infant formula from other manufacturers.

New Mexico WIC is currently contracted with Abbott.

Medical Formulas

WIC-allowed exempt infant formula and nutritional supplements for children and women may be provided to participants with documentation of a qualifying medical condition(s). Regular WIC foods may also be provided or eliminated from food packages with appropriate medical documentation (New Mexico WIC Medical Request for Formula and/or Food).

The full list of exempt or medical formulas provided by NM WIC are listed on the back of the New Mexico WIC Medical Request for Formula and/or Food. This form must be completed and given to the WIC clinic prior to the family receiving any medically requested formulas/foods.

New Mexico WIC Medical Request for Formula and/or Food

If the New Mexico WIC Medical Request for Formula and/or Food cannot be used, a prescription with all the following information may be accepted:

  • Date of prescription
  • Participant’s name and date of birth
  • Qualifying medical condition/medical diagnosis
  • Name of formula and/or nutritional supplement
  • Prescribed amount(s) per day *Helpful but not required
  • Length of time required (maximum 6 months allowed) *Helpful but not required
  • Health Care Provider’s signature, and contact information

Who can prescribe Medical Formula?

WIC will accept prescriptions from providers who are legally authorized to prescribe in the state of New Mexico (including, but not limited to, the following):

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • Physician’s Assistant supervised by a Medical Physician
  • Certified Nurse-Midwife
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Licensed Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)
  • Registered Dietitian

Where and how can WIC approved Medical Formulas be purchased?

Depending on the product, medically necessary formulas and nutritional supplements may be purchased at WIC-approved grocery stores. Some medical formulas and nutritional supplements are ordered directly through a third-party vendor and delivered to the WIC clinic. It may be necessary for the health care provider to help families make temporary arrangements, such as providing samples or using an alternate product, until the prescribed formula or nutritional supplement arrives.

NM WIC Contact Information

Medical providers are welcomed to contact the NM WIC program with any questions or concerns. Health care providers can also initiate an inquiry to determine if formulas/foods that are not currently covered can be covered by the NM WIC Program.

Frank Napolitano

NM WIC Nutrition Manager