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Apply for the 2024 Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program

New Mexico WIC is open! Click here for clinic locations. 


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Partnerships help feed NM Families!

Grocers that have been authorized to redeem NM WIC Program benefits are referred to as WIC Authorized Vendors. The New Mexico WIC Program Vendor Team administers over 200 contracts with grocery stores that redeem NM WIC benefits. These Vendor contracts are renewed every three years. Training is provided for new and current NM WIC Authorized Vendors. The NM WIC Vendor Team also maintains the NM WIC Program Vendor List and works to ensure free healthy foods are available and accessible for WIC families throughout the state.

Please utilize the links below for applications, training, and additional resources. Vendors may also contact the NM WIC Vendor Team:

Melissa Valdez

NM WIC Vendor Manager 


Mary Ann Roybal

NM WIC Vendor Specialist


Carla Gallegos-Rodriguez

NM WIC Vendor Clerk


2040 S. Pacheco
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone: 505-469-0929