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Information about healthy eating for NM WIC families

The New Mexico WIC Program gives families nutritional guidance to help them meet healthy eating goals. There are many barriers that families may face when trying to eat healthy. For more information on overcoming these barriers please explore the sections below.

Nutrition for Women

Women are faced with unique nutritional needs when they are pregnant, postpartum, and nursing. For more information about ways to eat healthy and stay energized during these phases, please explore this page more!

Nutrition for Infants

Healthy eating for infants can be difficult to navigate. Here are some tips for busy families to help them understand their baby’s (babies’) unique eating patterns.

Nutrition for Children

Children can be picky! How big is a serving size for a toddler? How much vegetables should my toddler eat? How many servings of milk should I give my child?

Seasonal Nutrition

Eating with the seasons is more than just cold foods in summer and hot foods in winter! Here are some recipes and information about how to incorporate seasonal foods into the lives of New Mexico families.