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NM WIC Staff Spotlight


Janette has been with the WIC program for close to 20 years now. She started with NMDOH WIC at Southeast Heights and then transferred to Isleta WIC for 10 years. When her family moved to the Farmington area we were delighted to welcome her to the San Juan County WIC team as the new supervisor. She’s been there 7 years now and supervises two different clinics in San Juan County, Bloomfield and Farmington with 4 staff. She is an outstanding public health employee and dedicated WIC’ster.

She recently updated her IBCLC credential and passed the test with what is considered a perfect score. She coordinates with the San Juan Breastfeeding Task Force and supports breastfeeding moms around the NW Region.

Farmers’ Market is another area of strength for Janette and her team. They cover Aztec and Farmington area markets and consistently have the highest redemption rate for the NW Region.

Since the inception of the NMSOL/MOSAIC application, Janette has been a key tester. Her continued insights and contributions to this process have been invaluable in making the application “staff-friendly”. In addition, she frequently contributes to the editing process of NM WIC Policy and Procedures.

One other notable characteristic of Janette’s is her sense of humor. She has a way of calming those around her with her dry, direct, and playful humor. Thus her initials “JK” make a perfect nickname! Thank you Janette for being an awesome member of the New Mexico WIC team.